What is dementia?

This is a condition where the loss of brain cells and brain function is more than what is expected for aging and this causes forgetfulness, confusion, disorientation and slowness of thinking.

Did you know that about 4 million people live in India with this condition?


What is early onset dementia?

Early onset dementia is one of the types of dementia that occurs in the younger age group, less than 65 years of age. This is rare and usually it is a form that runs in families.

What are the types of dementia?

The main types of dementia include Alzheimer’s dementia which accounts for more than 60% of all patients suffering neurocognitive disorders .

Other types include what is known as Vascular or Multi infarct type, Lewy Body type dementiaFronto temporal dementiaAlcohol Related dementia and some rarer types as well.

Lewy Body Type Dementia commonly present with movement problems, visual hallucinations ( seeing things that do not exist) and sleep disturbances.

Fronto temporal dementia is a type that affects particular lobes of the brain and causes changes to mood and behaviour.

Alcohol related dementia occurs after years of heavy alcohol use and depletion of Vitamin B 1 in the body ( also known as Thiamine). There are changes to judgement , behaviour and aggression.

What is mild cognitive impairment?

This is a condition where it is a cusp between normality and neurocognitive disorder. It may or may not progress further.

It may stay the same, reverse or progress.

People with mild cognitive impairment will be normally functioning but suffer memory difficulties and forgetfulness.

Can you prevent memory decline?

You can certainly help with preventing memory decline. This is by keeping an active and healthy lifestyle. Diet is paramount. This includes high intake of anti-oxidant rich foods.

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What do we do at Chennai minds?

In Chennai minds, we offer a comprehensive Clinical assessment of your symptoms in our memory clinic which operates as part of our outpatient services. This includes assessment clinically by asking questions about your symptoms, using assessment questionnaires and scales if required, ordering blood tests, ECG and scans if needed.

Medications, home visit consultations and counselling for families are all available as part of our comprehensive mental health and well-being package which operates on a 4-pronged approach to treatment of mental illness by optimizing diet and fitness, helping psychological factors, stabilizing social factors and administering medications.

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