Addictive Disorders

Addiction is one of the common inability of human beings where an individual can’t get over the substance or thing that has been used to for a long time. Addictive disorders develop over the time and can become a chronic illness. Do you know how an individual gets addicted? Brain, the central system of any human being, responds with feel-good hormones and positive feeling, when an individual uses any type of substance or things. Chennai Minds, which has the best psychiatrist in Chennai understands the biological process of the addiction disorder and thereby takes all the necessary steps for your deaddiction.

However, there are different types of addictive disorder in terms of substance or things. They are,

  • Alcohol Addiction:

Alcoholism or alcohol addiction is one and common type of addictive disorder which you would notice in your different paths of life. It is also to be noted that experts could not settle on specific reasons like genetics, socioeconomics, gender, or race to know the precise cause of alcoholism. These factors all together can influence the individual to get addicted to alcoholism. Alcoholism can become a life-threatening habit if the person consumes it daily, as it creates a neurological imbalance, and the person cannot control or recall their actions after some time. In some cases, the individuals can cause health conditions like ulcers, birth defects, vision loss, high-risk of cancer, bone loss, diabetes complications, and suppressed immune function.

These are the common symptoms that you find in an individual who is addicted to alcohol. Chennai Minds has the top psychiatrist in Chennai with smoking cessation therapy to recover you from the clutches of alcohol and smoking with proper guidance and necessary medications. However, drinking alcohol has become a social culture, so it is hard to say someone who is totally addicted to the alcohol substance. You can say an individual is fully addicted to alcohol when 

  1. There is increase in frequency of alcohol intake
  2. Drinking at inappropriate times
  3. Choosing a friend who drinks heavily
  4. Loss of interest in relationships
  5. Hiding while drinking 
  6. Losing presence of mind

These are the common symptoms that you find in an individual who is addicted to alcohol. Chennai Minds has the top psychiatrist in Chennai to recover you from the clutches of alcohol with proper guidance and necessary medications.

  • Tobacco (Smoking) addiction:

Tobacco or smoking addiction is one of the most highly addictive substances in the world. A report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that around 6 million people die every year because of the use of tobacco. The tobacco material comprises the most important ingredient called Nicotine. So, when a smoker inhales the tobacco, this nicotine is absorbed by the bloodstream which results in producing a large amount of adrenaline into the body. A hormone called Dopamine which is responsible for pleasure and feel-good emotion is released when an individual starts to smoke. Like any other addiction, inhaling tobacco also causes numerous physical and mental illnesses. Smoking causes cancer in lungs, throat, and mouth, heart disorders, paralysis, and emphysema and bronchitis lung diseases. However, these are true for smokers who inhale other things like chewing tobacco and snuff. Hence, the control of smoking addiction is difficult to manage and needs regular smoking cessation therapy for best outcomes.

  • Cannabis addiction:

Cannabis is a drug prepared from the drying of the plant called Cannabis sativa. The report released by the National Institute on Drug Abuse says that around 9% of the population can’t stop using Cannabis despite knowing the acute and chronic effects. Cognitive impairment, schizophrenia, pulmonary impairment, and related disorders are the most common impacts on the prolonged usage of Cannabis. However, similar to smoking cessation therapy, undergoing cognitive behavioral therapy to overcome the psychological aspects of the same.

  • Mobile/ Gaming/ Internet Addiction:

The extensive use of mobile phones leads to this addiction and the individual can’t refrain from it even knowing its ill effects. This addiction leads to emotional and mental deficits. Most individuals try to cope up their distress by playing games or being active in social media which in turn affects their relationships.

  •  Benzodiazepine (Sleeping tablets) addiction:

Sleeping tablets or Benzodiazepine is prescribed for the individuals who deal with anxiety, epilepsy, insomnia, and complex medical conditions. But overusing these tablets beyond the prescribed period or without medical consultation can lead to mood swings, memory issues, depression, and many more.

Chennai Minds is the right destination to treat all your mental illness with proper symptom assessment, ECG, scans, and tests. We also provide offline and online counseling for depression with proper behavior management to lead a new life. Our treatment for your mental well-being comprises nutritional diet, various stabilizing social factors, and suitable medication for optimal mental health.