Mr. H

Before saying that you are an extraordinary doctor, I want to tell you that you are extraordinary human being. Thank for showing me so much care and concern

Ms. S

Happy new year mam . You were one of the crucial person who helped me survive this challenging year in my life. My heartfelt gratitude fr making me see dis 2021 . Thank you ma’am !

Patient C

Dear  Radhika Murugesan mam is one of the peculiar doctor, and the very kind doctor to understand the patient problem and she is very polite. I thank you, doctor, for your lovable speech and approach.

Ms. L

Dr Radhika Murugesan has been quick to diagnose my daughter when we visited her. The main thing I liked is that along with medicines she helps the patient with a CBT module and in my daughter’s case, it has been of very good help.

Mr. JH

Good service. I consulted her due to a severe case of abdominal pain which is psychosomatic in origin. My issue was mostly solved after the very first consultation itself. I recommend her.

Mr. R

Dr Radhika Murugesan is a very experienced and skilful psychiatrist. This is reflected by her high-quality training in the UK. Her clinical work span 19 years and she is honest, spends adequate time and offers very practical and sensible advice. Her Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Slides packages are a great hit and I personally befitted from…

Ms. L

Really appreciate her professionalism. Felt good after her therapies and would recommend it to people who seek for the best solution.

Mr. PK

I was searching for a good psychiatrist and I found Dr Radhika Murugesan Chennai Minds with good reviews. She is very good at identifying what type of psychic issue you are facing and will prescribe the medicine accordingly. I am very thankful to you mam for helping my wife recovering to normal. I recommend Dr…

Mr. P

First of all I would like to thank mam so much for her service, as her recovered patient from depression I had improved a lot personally and professionally; I feel it’s all because of her medicines and it worked like magic inside me. I would strongly recommend Dr Radhika Murugesan mam to anyone who seeks…

Mr. BS

I am a patient suffering from depression, hypertension and sleeplessness for a very long time. Had been taking medication prescribed by few doctors. Had consultations with Dr.Radhika only once and my mental conditions improved. Had the second consultation a week later and will continue the medication till further advice from the doctor.