Fee structure

Our fee details are as follows:
Fees of Chennai minds are absolutely non negotiable but we can refer you to other psychiatrists if fee is too high for you.

  • Initial consultation Rs.2000 for 30 minutes . Any additional time taken will be charged at Rs.500 every 15 minutes and no lower limit on time slot
  • Follow up is Rs.1000 charged at 15 minutes maximum slot
  • Therapy and counseling fees are determined based on the duration of the session.
  • Mode of payment: Cash or G pay

Fee Structure

Fee Structure

All consultations are charged at 2000 INR and are non negotiable.

The consultations can last up to 30 minutes with no lower limit on time.

After 30 minutes additional charges may apply.

Follow up appointments for medication review to assess for side effects, compliance, efficacy and re prescription or change of medications are charged 1000 and last 10-15 minutes

Ongoing week on week counseling, therapy or hypnosis sessions are all charged at 2000

Mode of payment: Cash or G pay