What is depression?


You may think that you are feeling sad and keep thinking “I am depressed“. But how do you know what is the difference between feeling sad and symptoms of depression?

A proper clinical assessment of depression in our Mood clinic which part of Chennai minds outpatient services will reveal if you are just feeling sad or you have signs of depression.

Feeling consistently low and unable to show emotions for 2 weeks, feeling tired and not motivated are all primary signs of depression.

Sometimes women after childbirth may have signs of depression and this can either be a result of postpartum blues or postpartum depressionPostpartum blues are so common and even considered normal. This has to differentiated from postpartum depression which may happen a little later after childbirth.

Elderly depression occurs in older adults is common but not normal.

15 people in 100 get depression in Chennai. This is a very treatable condition. People who feel overwhelmed with this condition would want to get rid of depression to lead a good quality life.

What are the causes of depression?

The causes of depression are multiple and includes genetic factors, stress, personality factors, etc. Alteration of neurochemicals in the brain such as serotonin occurs in depression. Antidepressants help correct this imbalance.

What do we do in Chennai Minds?

In Chennai minds, we offer a comprehensive Clinical assessment of depression in our mood clinic which operates as part of our outpatient services. This also includes postpartum depression assessment and assessment of elderly depression. Assessment is first and foremost clinical, by asking questions related to your symptoms, using depression scales if required, ordering blood tests, ECG and scans if needed.

You can get rid of depression if you follow the instructions well and take the antidepressants prescribed.

CBT for depression also known as Cognitive behaviour therapy for depressiononline depression counselling is available as part of our comprehensive mental health and well being package. This operates on a 4-pronged approach to treatment of mental illness by optimizing diet and fitness, helping psychological factors, stabilizing social factors and administering medications such as antidepressants.

What is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Depression (CBT for depression)?

CBT for depression is a form of talk therapy that runs over 4 to 8 sessions. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for depression, as the name suggests, has 2 components. The cognitive component which challenges your faulty thinking patterns and negative thoughts. The behaviour component targets and corrects behaviours which are a result of depression.

What is bipolar?

If you suffer hypomania or mania (elevated mood depending on the degree) which may alternate with depression, then you may have bipolar disorder.

In hypomania, the duration and intensity of symptoms are lesser compared to mania.

Knowing the types of bipolar disorder is important as it will dictate further treatment.

What are the types of bipolar disorder ?

The types of bipolar disorders are Bipolar 1 (mania with depression) and bipolar 2 (hypomania with depression).

Around 1 in 200 people suffer bipolar disorder in India.

What are the causes of Bipolar disorder?

Causes of bipolar disorder are multiple and include an interaction of factors such as stressful events in your life, genetics, having had adversities in your life and alteration of brain neurochemicals.

What do we do in Chennai Minds?

In Chennai minds, we offer a comprehensive assessment of bipolar disorder, clinically by asking various questions about your symptoms, using bipolar screening tools if required, ordering blood tests, ECG and scans if needed.

It must be noted that though bipolar screening tools such as questionnaires may be used, it is only part of our total assessment of bipolar disorder which mainly lies on the clinical assessment by the psychiatrist.

Medications are prescribed including mood stabilizers and antipsychotics if required.

Our 4-pronged approach to treatment of mental illness by optimal diet and fitness, optimal psychological factors, stabilizing social factors and medications operate and you will be advised likewise.

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