We as a larger team are working in Perumbakkam to target the mental wellness of youth and women.

This is a huge task at hand and anyone who is willing to contribute in time can contact Chennai minds to get involved.

Psychology trainees are offered internships on contribution to the mental wellness project in Perumbakkam. Trainees may contact me for further details.

Psychiatrists who wish to be involved including PGs can also let us know.

The highlights of this project include:

1) Mental wellness support to youth and education on various issues including substance misuse, identifying their values, goal setting, handling peer pressure, strategies to cope with pressures surrounding them, time management to maximize output from schoolwork, identifying any mental health concerns

2) Mental wellness support to women including identifying mental health issues, empowering them with information, identifying peer support for each other, strategies to cope with stress.

3) Identifying opportunities for long term employment and setting up small scale businesses for women.

4) Sports and peer support group for youth-both boys and girls.

5) Support to Schools and colleges and working with the same for collaborative work and increasing communication between home and Improving outcomes.

6) Skills training for identified youth and women targeted at employment.

7) Establishing study circles for books and newspapers to improve literacy, spoken and written English amongst students and women.

8) Education on nutrition and encouraging community cooking targeted to improve physical wellness and Identifying opportunities amongst people for the same.

9) Developing local leaders and peer support groups to continue the work.